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Youth and Media Services

This ministry is designed to meet the needs of youth holistically by focusing on creating programs that cater to their spiritual, mental and physical needs. We connect with organizations within our community that provide youth with skills ranging from education-literacy; social, mental, spiritual and physical development. These organizations help build and develop future leaders within our society. The Youth Ministry and Media Services Ministry strives to educate not only ourselves, but the church body as a whole on what the organization can provide to our youth of today.

Ministry Leader:  Donovan Parks


Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry is open to unmarried adults, ages 21 or older who happen to be “SINGLE BY CHANCE, CHANGE, OR CHOICE, whether theirs or someone else's.”


The goal of the Singles Ministry is to encourage, enlighten and empower singles to grow and develop to a state of wholeness, completion and well-being in God while fully living an engaging, exciting, effective, and meaningful Spirit-filled life.


Ministry Leader:  Meekie Austin

Married Couples Ministry Icon.jpg

Married Couples Ministry

Mission:  To become one in thought, word and deed with the mind of Christ.


Vision:  To build strong families in the Word to edify the Kingdom of God so we may be a light and a hope to the world of the blessings God has for obedience to His principles and precepts.




Ministry Leader:  Deacon Maurice James


Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry endeavors to fulfill the mandate of Acts 1:8; to go into all the world and be witnesses for God, also Luke 14:23; to go into the highways and hedges and invite those who are lost into God's house. We also endeavor to fulfill our church's mission to "Save Souls and Solve Problems". The Evangelism Team ministers by going door to door in the community, witnessing to our neighbors by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, praying with and for them, leading them to Christ, sharing our testimonies, distributing Christian literature, church invites and information about the various ministries at Long Branch Baptist Church. We also minister in the nursing home and senior citizen complex at Christmas, Easter and other occasions. We have evangelism seminars and workshops to equip the body of Christ for witnessing and sharing their faith. We support and partner with other ministries in the community as well as ministries at Long Branch Baptist Church.


Ministry Leader:  Minister Peggy Ducker


Health Ministry

Ministry Name: God's Aiding Hands: Health Ministry


Members: Registered Nurses, LPNs, Phlebotomist, Certified Medical Assistants



  • Provide BLS/CPR and first aid

  • Provide health education on diseases that specifically affect our demographics

  • Provide and advocate for resources that will have a positive impact on the congregation and community.

  • Encourage accountability for our own health through preventive and primary care.


Ministry Chair:  Cierra Sullivan

Faith Fitness and Fellowship new

Faith, Fitness & Fellowship

This ministry promotes developing healthy lifestyles.  Maintaining and recognizing the need for better health choices is critical to better wellness through healthy food and an awareness of what is required to improve health.


Ministry Leader:  Deacon Peggy Baxter


Women In The Word Outreach Ministry

This is a holistic outreach ministry whose arms are openly extended to women of all ages, from every walk of life for the purpose of drawing them into a closer personal relationship with Jesus through the power of His taught & preached Word and with the sincere fellowship of other “sisters” who have experienced the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Our Ultimate Goal:                                                                                                      


To share the Message of the Messiah to the Masses until:  The Word is Activated, The Love is Motivated, Praise is Saturated, and Women are Liberated.


Ministry Leader:  Minister Matrulene Johnson

Senior Ministry2 Website Image.png

Golden Jewels

Comprised of the senior members (both male and female) of the church. Monthly meetings are held to discuss and plan programs and outings.  Various trips are planned allowing members and the community to travel and enjoy leisure time and activities together.  This ministry provides seniors with a positive Christ filled way to communicate, fellowship, visit the sick and shut-in and pray for others.   


Ministry Leader:  Shirley Young


Hand of God (HOG) - Global and Local Missions

To fulfill the mandate found in Matthew 28:18-20 and follow the teachings of Jesus in Acts 1:8.  To provide spiritual, financial and ministerial support to partnerships. We serve our partners by developing relationships through constant communication, helping them learn more about Jesus Christ and his Word. Long Branch is currently serving the nations of Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Haiti.  Local Missions seeks to collaborate with others outside Long Branch Baptist Church within our community, state, nation and abroad.


Ministry Leader:  Minister Janice Irby


HOG – Mind, Body, Spirit

Provides members with the tools and resources to take them to the next level mentally, physically and spiritually.


Ministry Leaders:  Dr. Roy and Dr. Mildred Williams


HOG – Transition/Transformation

Assists those in the community that are in transition and in need of a transformation. We volunteer with existing non-profit agencies in the Greenville area. Our goal is to make those that are not aware of the crisis in our own community by educating them through hands on giving. We seek to be the voice to our community and the Hands and Feet of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leaders:  Minister Ruby Davis, Freda Melford, and Randy Hill


Grief Support Ministry

Provides support to Long Branch Church members and those in the community who are suffering grief and loss of a loved one. Education, resources and support are provided to meet spiritual, mental and emotional needs.

Ministry Leader: Minister Debra Smith


Ushers and Greeters Ministry

Greets and welcomes worshippers as they enter our church.  The Usher’s Ministry hands out the church service programs, directs worshippers to their seats and answers questions.

Minister Leader:  Roosevelt Henry


Food Pantry Ministry

Designed to ensure anyone who regularly needs food can get food.  The Pantry stocks nonperishable foods donated by members and various retail establishments.  The community is welcome to visit the Pantry each Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon.


Ministry Leader:  Sarah Duckett


Cross Walk Kids

Helps worshippers in K5 – 5th grade with learning, building and establishing an understanding of God and the Bible.  This is the cornerstone to developing a Love of God and his goodness.


Minister Leader:  Meekie Austin

Princesses of the King Logo3.jpg

Princesses of the King

This ministry is for girls ages five to nine. Our goals are to help children learn the Christian faith, provide an open and tolerant environment and develop an understanding of the Bible.


Mission Statement: We are children of God rooted in Christian faith, building Christian living youth, engaged in lifelong Christ-centered relationships, serving others joyfully and teaching spiritual disciplines. Our motto is the” BEST”: Build, Engage, Serve, and Teach.


Ministry Leader:  Sadeirya Floyd


King’s Daughters Ministry

The mission of the King’s Daughters is to teach, encourage and equip girls ages ten to seventeen to become disciplined young ladies of grace and virtue by exhibiting self-control, making good decisions and growing in their commitment to Christ.


Ministry Leader:  Minister Debra Smith


Boys to Men

Focuses on preparing boys and young men to become Christ-centered men and Godly leaders of tomorrow.  Boys participate in activities such as Super Bowl parties, football activities, outings to sporting events to show boys and young men they can have Christ-centered fun.


Ministry Leader:  Minister Darren Smith


Men of Valor

Focuses on helping men understand God’s purpose for them and what He expects of them. Provides men with the tools to establish and maintain a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.   


Ministry Leader:  Doug McCoy


Drama Ministry

To touch the lives of believers and non-believers through drama presentations. To train and develop our children, youth and adults to use their talents and spiritual gifts to glorify God.


Minister Leader:  Minister Peggy Ducker

Pastors Aide Ministry logo2.jpg

Pastor’s Aide Ministry

Supports the Pastor and his family through prayers, encouragement and communication.  In addition, this ministry develops and prepares various programs for fellowship and Pastor recognition (birthdays, anniversaries and First Lady recognitions).

Minister Leader:  Sarah Duckett


Blessings from the Branch Scholarship Ministry

Recognizes the importance of assisting and providing financial, emotional, spiritual, and encouraging support to our students attending colleges or universities.  Various programs are held throughout the year to support this ministry.

Ministry Leader:  Nalisha Henry


Music & Media Ministry

The Music Ministry engages and encourages worshippers to participate in the services through singing and praising God through song and instrumental music. We recognize when praises go up, blessings come down. There are several choirs at LBBC that render music each Sunday; the Mass Choir, Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Youth/Children’s Choir, and the Hymn Choir. In addition, these choirs accompany our Pastor to other churches.

The Media Ministry provides quality sound and audio-visual tools to spread the gospel by producing video and audio DVD’s of weekly services and other church events. Copies of prior week’s sermons are available for sale each Sunday. This ministry is designed to connect the church with the word of God in and outside the community.

Ministry Leader:  William Burgess

Culinary Ministry Logo2.jpg

Culinary Ministry

Understands and encourages healthy eating habits through the preparation of various meals.  Staying abreast of the best nutrition practices, this ministry encourages members by developing an awareness of healthy food choices.


Ministry Leader:  Connie Burgess

Parking Ministry.jpg

Parking and Security Ministry

The Parking and Safety Ministry assists worshipers with parking in the various parking lots at LBBC.  They direct traffic to minimize parking issues/problems and facilitate traffic flow.

Ministry Leaders:  Deacon Robert Sullivan and Deacon John Hackney

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